Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Surpising T for Tina

Hello awesome followers
 How are you guys doing today?  I hope that you guys are enjoying your weekend. I want to apologize for not posting yesterday I have been working on some sketches for one of my good friends, who I may add, is the reason for this post.
  I decided to create four t-shirt designs for one of my good and close friends. She is one of my teachers, who has really helped me and others grow as artists. She is an amazing teacher who has dedicated her life to her students and her work. She is always keeping us in her thoughts and even prays for us. She has demonstrated what it means to really care about the students and their success. She teaches both Animal Wild Life Drawing as well as Perspective at Cal State University of Fullerton.
 During the end of the summer break and the beginning of the semester I found out that her horse was ill and is still not doing well. This horse has been an amazing animal, that she has personally taken in after it was recused from abusive owners, and that she has used to help out her students in becoming more familiar with the "basic" animal skeletal and muscular structure. These four designs, which were created with the help of "Jasmine Tanner" an amazing caring friend of mine, have been created in order to help her, our teacher, with the some of the expenses that will arise in taking care of her horse. We plan to sell t-shirts with one or 2 of the designs that get the most votes and the profit that we make from selling the t-shirts will go toward our teacher and her horse. I really appreciate all of your guys' help and support!
And remember these t-shirts are going to be a surprise for her, so don't say anything!

Let me know your top two and which one you would like most ASAP!!

As we will be printing these out by the end of October!


  1. I love 1 and 2. I didnt know you were doing this for Tina. That is awesome!

  2. Yeah me and Jasmin have been working on the idea since the beginning of the semester so i am really happy that I am sticking to my set goal. I just hope we get more people to comment as well as getting people to want to buy the shirts. I want this fundraiser is a success lol
    thank you though for really being the first one to comment

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  4. wow these are all great, its really hard to pick, but i think that 2 is the one, but i feel that the girl should get a splash o color. great shit. im sure tina will love em

  5. I love the third and fourth one!!!!

  6. I like them all, but my favorite is number 2 I think!

  7. The third one is my favorite! I love the way you incorporated the horses in to the design<3