Friday, October 7, 2011

My Apologies 

Hello followers
I want to start of by apologizing for the lac of posting this week. I feel really bad,but I have been drawing and coming up with more T-shirt designs for this week. Later on today and tomorrow I will be posting sketches that I have done this week but did not have time to post. These post will consist of my last 5 t-shirt designs that I have been working on, to costume designs for one of my friends 3D character and some quick clothing sketches I drew. After this week I will place all my attention on the designs that my followers have selected. I will keep you guys updated from the line weight to the colors that I am choosing. I will also keep you guys updated in regards to the design that has been chosen for Tinas surprise t-shirt. Once again I apologize for this week as well as last. I am going to work harder these last couple weeks to prevent myself from letting you guys down.