Wednesday, January 25, 2012

copics yay

This piece was started on Monday and was finished today. I was inspired and motivated by the idea of organic vines that curved and twist. That inspired the rose and the small flower that was placed at the side.Let me know what you guys think about the piece.Hope you guys like it.

quick copic sketch

Here is an art piece that I did while I was waiting for my history 110b to begin.I hope you guys like it.

Thank you

Hi you guys long time no post, last semester was a busy but i am happy to say that even though I was not able to post a lot of my sketches during the semester I was still drawing away so here is one image that I drew as a thank you to all my followers and friends. Thank you


Here are 2 posters that I worked on during the break. One of the posters was for my friends family as a Christmas present, and the other poster was for my sisters hair salon.

winter break sketchers

 Here are some sketches that I drew during my winter break. Some of the sketchers are quick with little to no color while the others are more complex and "finish" looking