Sunday, September 18, 2011

sketches week 1

Hey everyone here are the t-shirt designs that I am working on for next week. I am going to chose one of the five designs to push as a finished product based on everyone's feedback. From there I will finalize the design from the line quality to the colors I will choose. After the design is finished I will begin to take a pole on how many people will buy it and have a collection that will be available to the public in the future. So please do not be afraid to post comments whether it pertains to how much you like or dislike the piece to things you would like to see edited on the design itself so comment comment comment!


  1. The first one is awesome, but I don't like that little fish bowl thing she's popping out of. I wanna see her legs! The other designs look pretty solid, except for the second to last one. I can't tell what's going on there without color. Is that more of an abstract image? You have mastered the diva pose. ^_^

  2. Ok I see what you mean about the water pot. In reality it is suppose to be a stylized pot that pertaining to the Hispanic culture. I wanted the design to mimic the shape of a tree were the base is narrow and then the image becomes larger and wider as it reaches the top. That was the direction that I was leaning towards.
    thank you for the feed back, I can see know what I need to do in order to make the design stronger.
    Also please do not forget to vote for your favorite one by simply commenting on your favorite one with the word "DIVA."
    thank you