Wednesday, June 20, 2012

were to place sickly sweet in

Hi everyone
So one of my good friend told me about placing my Sickly Sweet drawing on an apron. I tried it out and here is the result. If you guys have any other suggestions as to were you would like to see my design on. Please feel free to mention anything that you would like to see my design.
thank you and I cant wait to hear from you guys.


  1. love it! though i dont like that the design gets cut off on the apron....and have tried placing it differently on the apron? the design is awesomely amazing though and i love the phone case :D

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  3. I think it would be better to design the whole apron itself rather than slapping on a design. Like for example the apron's base color can be teal, and you can add the eyes, candies and lollipops in while you have the girl in the center.
    I loooooove the iphone design! I'd buy one if I had money =D


  4. thank you guys for the awesome advice i really appreciate the comment. I am going to redesign the apron according to your guys comment and if i get enough votes i might even do a free within a month

  5. Even before seeing eienblue's comment, I thought to myself: That would look fabulous printed on the entire apron.

    Great minds think alike, yo!

  6. The problem lies with finding a company that can point it for a reasonable price that all. I would love to print it on the entire Apron but at the moment my resources are minimal